Integrated Real Estate

Building blocks to create great value and nuanced craftsmanship

Project Development

Since its inception, SNS Developers has been at the forefront for developing major landmarks in Gujarat. The quality of which has been held as a benchmark for design, engineering, value, and sustainable practices. In real estate, each deal is unique SNS develops projects with ....

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Acquisition & Disposition

SNS Developers has been the key player in investing and acquiring land in strategic geographically locations in urban and rural areas. In Real Estate it is all about – Location, Location and Location....

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Development Management

The Development Management Model is a third-party end-to-end fee-based service model for landowners extensively designed based on SNS’s years of experience in the field of real estate development and landmark projects in Gujarat and Maharashtra....

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Asset, Property and Facility Management

SNS Developers is known to work in tandem with renowned professionals who help us recruit, retain top asset, property, and facility management services to maintain the needed decorum of a building....

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Investment Management

In India, after Gold, the next trusted investment vehicle for people is Real Estate. Investment in properties is passed from one generation to another. This makes real estate investment decision a vital one for an individual/company....

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