Embrace the Greens

Delivering an in- built ecosystem that improves the experience of people, & communities.

Our vision is to deliver only excellence and aim to exceed expectations in everything we do. We work to benefit people & community by investing, developing, and embellishing each space uniquely.

We are dedicated to a sustainable environment

SNS is committed to enhancing our sustainability policy by prioritizing and executing it. We implement a visionary approach, knowing the environment, and working on it is driven by a passion for success.

Operational carbon in buildings that keep it warm,
cool, ventilated, lighted, and powered.

Embodied carbon refers to the manufacture, transport,
and installation of construction materials

Getting certified for green building
installation & design.

Maintaining the indoor quality of the
air enhances our buildings.

Setting the benchmark of success by
defining Net-zero buildings.

Conceptual Framework

Our team of enthusiasts comprises experienced engineers, hospitality specialists, and designers who work on every project meticulously to draft the ESG framework and constraints that affect every stage of the design process. The turnkey approach in every back & forth of the pre-construction project foresees how conclusions made at one phase of development will impact down the road.


We are the leading commercial real estate industry engineering ESG strategy for maintaining the well-being of every building we own. We believe in innovative & inspiring buildings with sustainable architecture that contributes to a healthier experience for people & communities. Pioneering this innovative effort gives us a way to maximize building performance, minimize cost and preserve the environment.

Property Management

SNS Developers has been acknowledged in property management due to the global insight of our management on this vertical. Our commitment to following ESG standards has been unparalleled and helped our clients to leverage our experience and deep knowledge of property management to their advantage and manage the properties in an effective and efficient manner in order to ensure the sustainability and strength of the structure for a longer duration.

Integrated Facilities Management

We prioritize sustainability, health, and well-being in the workspace by managing & influencing efficient use of resources, waste diversion, and intelligent water consumption. Our thoughtfulness concerning our customers brings us close to them.

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