Environmental, Social & Governance

Our Approach to ESG

ESG is a universal acronym for Environment, Social, and Governance. Many real estate developers have shifted their interest from being an epitome of luxury to being socially responsible. Investment towards affordable housing, rehabilitation centers, and other such environment focus buildings has also increased. With the rising concerns of climate change, ESG has become the need of the hour. In the last year itself, 38% of the global resources have been allocated towards ESG commitment. SNS Developers, being an advocate of sustainable practices, adhere to the regulatory framework using sustainable environment-friendly means and ensuring longevity of the assets being developed. All our projects promote the aspects of valued housing, multi-tenant spaces, transforming underutilized regions into a center for commerce and welfare, all while using biodegradable and ecologically sound resources.


Building great structures with the vision to create social values

We, at SNS firmly believe in fostering the buildings that protect & prioritize the patrons, society & our globe. As a real estate company, we are facilitators of the booming spaces that benefit them in all the ways possible. This is possible because our ESG lens is crystal clear in our vision.

What Sets Us Apart.

Expertise. Quality. Longevity. Value. Innovation.

We form long-term strategic implementation & prioritize the Environment, Social & Governance factors that bring innovations, support and benefit to people & communities. In the sense of catering to the best ambiance for our employees, constructing phenomenal spaces by following the road of sustainable development, optimizing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emission, minimizing water wastage, and delivering value at every step put forward.

"We believe in empowering great decisions with the basic instinct of professionalism that makes the difference"

Environmental Stewardship

Preserving the vibrancy of environment

We at SNS, believe in creating the structures of success. Implementing the processes, sustainable for urban development that seek to combat climate change. Constructing spaces with a sustainable environment prepared for future pandemics that are more common.


Our people & communities are our priority at SNS

Protecting our people is our prime priority. According to the research, an average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Our focus is always on people, making their lives better and improving their experience in their work environment.


Ensuring to lead the industry and creating flexible business.

Over years, we have been implementing an accurate approach & transparent business that evaluates yielding better corporate relationships with people & community. We focus on enhancing risk management, resilience, data management, and reporting/transparency.

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